Simple St. Patrick’s Day Packaging

February 9, 2018

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st-patty-day-blog-1-1Top o’ the mornin’ to you! With St. Patrick’s Day coming soon, I thought I’d round up some of Nashville Wraps’ clover-themed packaging. Our Lucky Shamrock Clover Cello Bags are a wonderful way to showcase your St. Patrick’s Day treats and gifts with minimal effort! This Lucky Shamrock Cello design is also available in rolls. What I love most about this design is that even though most of the clovers on it have three leaves, you occasionally will find a four-leaf clover!

Our cute Hearts of Clover Gift Wrap is another great option for wrapping St. Patrick’s Day-themed gifts or treats.

To Top It Off

All you’ll need is a bow to finish your presentation. Try one of our Satin Pre-Tied Gift Bows (shown above on the center bag) for their winning combination of prettiness and speed. Or, if you’d like something more adventurous, see our Instagram for step-by-step instructions to make the Four-Leaf Clover Bows shown on the cello bags above.

The ribbons I used to make these Four-Leaf Clover Bows both have a bit of a “memory” to them, so they were easy to work with and shape. I used Basil Wired Metallic Edge Sheer Ribbon, which has a lovely gold edge, and our new Lime Green Grosgrain Stripes, along with some 1/4″ Apple Green Sheer Organza Ribbon to tie them together (but any thin green ribbon, even Raffia, would work).

Green Ribbons and Tissues for the Most Mileage

For St. Patrick’s Day, all you really need are some of Nashville Wraps’ many green ribbons and tissues to liven up any neutral packaging you already have on hand. Green ribbons and tissues are great multitaskers, too – they work for every season, and you’ll especially want to keep them around for Christmas next year. Pop over to and type “green ribbon” or “green tissue” in the search bar to shop them all!

Priscilla Medders

Priscilla Medders is a graphic designer based in Nashville. She helps to prettify the Nashville Wraps catalog and blog site. She enjoys singing and playing music with her husband, Cheyenne Medders.

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