Trisha’s Almond Toffee – A Decadent Treat in the Perfect Candy Box!

December 29, 2017

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Trisha's Almond Toffee

Brooke and Jordan Russ were working successful merchandising jobs at Abercrombie & Fitch in Columbus, Ohio when an opportunity to take over a family business came along. Trisha’s Almond Toffee started with a 100-year-old English toffee recipe from their Aunt Trisha and Grandmother Elaine.

Trisha and Elaine would cook toffee in the kitchen together, then travel to several businesses in the Dallas, Texas area and hand-deliver the treat as corporate holiday gifts. The business quickly gained traction via word of mouth.  Aunt Trisha would cook up to 18 hours a day preparing for the holiday season.

Taking Over a Family Business & Secret Recipe

Brooke says, “About 6 years ago, with the ailing health of Mimi (our grandmother) and carpal tunnel, Aunt Trisha was ready to pass the baton. My husband and I loved the product and the joy that Trisha’s Almond Toffee gave so many. We spent time learning and perfecting the secret recipe as we then took over as owner/operators.”

Trisha's Almond Toffee

Last year, the couple moved to Maryland for Jordan’s job at Under Armour where they added a hint of Baltimore to their small-batch gourmet business. “We buy local as much as possible. The almonds come from Jeppi Nut in Lutherville, Maryland, and we try to use Baltimore’s Domino Sugar.”

Each bite has a roasted, buttery flavor that is both sweet and savory. “Our product is unlike any other toffee because it’s stop-you-in-your-tracks good like our best-selling Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt. Best of all, it doesn’t make you feel like you’re pulling out a filling when you take a bite! Every other toffee maker out there only puts nuts on top, but the fact we have almonds in every bite is what sets us apart.” Trisha’s Almond Toffee is the perfect holiday treat or corporate gift and wonderfully sweet for weddings and baby showers.

Trisha's Almond Toffee

Making a Statement with Gorgeous Packaging

Brooke says her husband Jordan takes great pride in being the “one” to find Nashville Wraps.  “We were looking for packaging that portrayed the quality of our toffee in a beautiful, statement-making way.  We found Nashville Wraps Aqua & Chocolate Presentation Boxes and there was no turning back!

“We love the fact that Nashville products are so well made. Every time people see our packaging they comment that it’s the ‘most beautiful they’ve ever seen!‘ In 2018, we are hoping to expand our product partnership with Nashville Wraps by offering a variety of box and bag solutions to enhance our assortment along with expanding our wholesale business to retail stores.”

Trisha's Almond Toffee

This holiday season has been especially busy for them – helping clients all over the country thank their clients for a wonderful year of business with the homemade goodness of Trisha’s. Each box can be customized with a personalized message and the shipping is completely handled.

As Trisha’s Almond Toffee expands beyond local retail locations in Maryland, Washington DC and Pennsylvania, they will continue to sell their toffee nationally via their store website along through gifting sites such as givenly.

Now that Christmas is over, Jordan and Brooke are gearing up for their next big selling season Valentine’s Day! You can follow Trisha’s on Instagram. It’s one of the sweetest gifts you can give!

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