9 Creative Christmas Packaging Ideas for Retailers: Gift Boxes, Bags, and Wrapping Paper

December 8, 2017

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Nashville Wraps Buffalo Plaid Christmas Gift Boxes, Bags, and Wrapping Paper

The Christmas season is here, and people everywhere are using beautiful holiday gift boxes, bags, and wrapping paper to prepare their purchases to be placed under the tree. If you are a retailer, however, these supplies can serve additional purposes: helping to create eye-catching product displays, showing customers that you go the extra step, providing dazzling decorations for your stores, and adding a unique flair to products being packaged for shipping.

Thinking Outside the Box

From our popular Buffalo Plaid Christmas to everyday kraft bags, here are nine creative ways to ensure your brand is fun and festive this holiday season.

Merchandising Your Products 

 Nashville Wraps Christmas and Holiday Gift Baskets

1. Bundle your products into gift baskets. Every shopper loves a gift that is already conveniently and beautifully wrapped for them. Use one of our seasonal market trays or basket containers packed with crinkle shred to create an irresistible gift basket that brings together all of your best-selling products. Place your creation inside a basket-sized cello bag and top it off with an easy-to-make pull bow.

2. Box up your counter displays. If you have small items for sale on your checkout counter, draw some extra attention to them by placing them in an open Christmas gift box, or a small, colored burlap bag, perhaps resting on top of some Christmas confetti.

3. Line serving platters with Christmas tissue paper. Around the holidays, many retailers offer free cookies and sweets to entice shoppers to spend a little extra time in their store. Dress up your serving trays with a piece of beautiful Christmas tissue paper and top with clear cello sheets or solid tissue paper topped with Christmas cello rolls. This is a nice nod to the season that your customers will appreciate.

Festive Shipping Boxes 

Nashville Wraps Personalized Christmas Ribbon4. Spice up your shipping boxes. Don’t just ship your valuable products in plain brown boxes with UPS shipping labels. Use our decorative shipping boxes. Top them off with a custom printed label or personalized ribbon and your customer is sure to remember you!

5. Bag products for shipping. Spread some holiday cheer by taking an item you would normally just place in a box for shipping and slip it into a holiday gift bag first with Christmas tissue paper. Not only does your customer get a pleasant surprise when they open the box, they can use the bag for their holiday gift giving.

6. Include a special note with your shipped goods. Gratitude goes a long way. Leave your customers feeling extra special with a quick “thank you for your order” note or a simple holiday greeting using one of our cheerful enclosure cards or gift tags.

Christmas DIY Ideas 

Nashville Wraps Christmas Holiday Kraft Wrapping Paper7. Turn gorgeous gift wrap into works of art. Adhere some of your favorite holiday wrap to a piece of cardboard and then fit it inside a frame to hang on the wall.

8. Spruce up shelving. Cut Christmas wrapping paper to size and attach it to the back or side walls of a display case to turn a bland space into a happy holiday scene.

9. Make multi-purpose Christmas confetti. Run Christmas gift wrap through a shredder to produce colorful confetti that can be used in a variety of ways. It works great as packing material in boxes you will be shipping, or simply to include a little bit of holiday flair on top before you seal the package. It also adds a festive touch around product displays. Check out our Special Value & Closeout Christmas wraps for this!

A Cost-Effective Way to Salute the Season

The great thing about all the suggestions above is that they are easy and inexpensive ways to create a festive mood around your store or in the packages you ship. And we’re just scratching the surface here! Get yourself some Christmas wrapping paper, boxes, and bags at Nashville Wraps or call us at 1-800-547-9727, and let your imagination run wild!

Nashville Wraps

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