Easter Gift Baskets Go Green with Eco-Friendly, Recycled Shred

April 7, 2017

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Easter ShredEaster is just around the corner, but there’s still time to get all your Easter basket supplies ready! Try an alternative to traditional cellophane shred. Nashville Wraps carries a complete line of 100% Recycled Paper Shreds in every color of the rainbow and all of our shred is proudly made in the USA! We recommend using wrapped food with all shred products.

100% Recycled Green Way® Eco-Fill Shred

Green Way Eco-Fill shredsEaster Basket Shred are made from a heavier weight of paper than most competing shreds and expand to twice their volume. Pound for pound, this shred will fill at least 50% more containers! This shred provides excellent support for your medium to heavy weight products. Our 6 lb. box is smaller than competitors’ 10 lb. boxes and expands to an equivalent amount of fill. Our 24 lb. box, by volume, is equal to competitors’ 40 lb. box of shred. These shreds also make dimensional shipping charges much cheaper because of the quality of paper which goes further!

With the accordion look, Eco-Fill Shreds are produced from paper made by a 140-year old family owned French Paper Mill in Niles, Michigan. Since this product is made so close to the mill, we can sell it for less. This incredible paper is 100% recycled. Because the mill itself is off the grid, it’s totally water-powered and produces its own electricity from the nearby St. Joseph River. Incredibly, the discharge from the mill is cleaner than the water in the river! This mill was green before green was cool and earns special recognition among Nashville Wraps’ Green Way® brand of products.

Crinkle Cut™ Paper Shred

Crinkle Cut™ Paper Shreds, also known as Spring Fill or Zig Fill, are available in 10 and 40 lb. boxes along with 8 oz. bags. This shred also expands in volume. It’s the perfect filler for medium to heavy weight items. Many of the colors are made from 100% recycled papers.

In addition to solid colors, it’s available in multi-colors and metallic blends. Each shred is approximately 1/8″ wide. Crinkle cut shred makes pretty gift baskets. It can also be used in bags, containers and nested boxes. When using our gift basket boxes and benches which provide extra support, you can use even less shred in your baskets.

VeryFine Cut™ Paper Shred

VeryFine Cut™ Paper Shred is deluxe grade shred and ideal for Easter baskets, boxes, containers or bags because it truly looks like grass!  Made from 100% recycled paper, it is stiff enough to hold items in packaging. Each shred is approximately 1/20″ wide and sold in 10 lb. boxes.

Aspen Wood Excelsior ShredActual Aspen Wood Shreds

When you need support for heavier items and want a natural look, Aspen Wood Excelsior is an excellent choice over paper shred. It can be used for shipping, packing, decorating baskets and crates.

Many gourmet businesses like the look of this product for hard cheese, jellies, jams, wine and other food items. This all-natural product is 100% biodegradable, premium-grade wood. It is made from non-toxic and non-allergenic Aspen wood fibers.Easter Carrots

100% Recycled Color Tissue Paper Shreds

If you are needing to just add color and texture to your baskets and supporting product is not an issue, our Tissue Shreds are another great option. These are made in-house at Nashville Wraps using our most popular solid color tissue paper. These shreds are 100% recycled and recyclable. Tissue shreds will dress up your baskets while being eco-friendly. And, they are very cute as “carrot” toppers (at right) using our cone-shaped cello bags.

See our entire line of Easter and Green Way packaging products here.

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