The Good Batch – Making Stroopwafels Famous in Brooklyn

March 24, 2017

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The Good Batch 1The Good Batch in Brooklyn, New York is not your average bakery. They specialize in a Dutch delicacy called stroopwafels. Let’s just say they are exceptional! Owner & Chef Anna Gordon started selling these hand-pressed, waffle-like cookies at the popular Brooklyn Flea – one of New York City’s top flea markets.

The Good Batch stroopwafelsThe tasty cookies were extremely successful, which thrilled her husband Steve. His family is originally from the Netherlands where stroopwafels were invented in the 1800’s. With a love of all things pastry and a degree from the Institute of Culinary Education, Anna mastered this cookie Steve’s family had dearly missed. The demand for her baked goods quickly grew and included ice cream sandwiches, cakes, pastries, and cookies, which can be found at fine retailers throughout New York City.

Brooklyn’s Best Dutch Bakery

The Good Batch BrooklynLooking for a brick-and-mortar location, The Good Batch opened its first store in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn in 2014. Anna says, “We are surrounded by incredibly talented and well-funded business, and real estate is at a premium. We really try to work with these parameters by offering a high-quality, unique set of baked goods, as well as make the most out of our bakery space.” Every week they add more coffee shops and grocers to their list of wholesale clients.

“Year round our cookies and breakfast pastries fly off the counter. We make killer scones at the bakery that sell out every morning, and weekdays we sell our Signature Cookies for $1 between 2-5pm as an After School Cookie Special. It’s very popular in the neighborhood.

The Good Batch NYC

“At Thanksgiving and Christmas we do a ton of pies and cakes, and other seasonal desserts that can be enjoyed after a big, special meal. Over the summer months, however, our handcrafted ice cream sandwiches become the shining star.” They try to reach new markets and concert venues to sell these gourmet ice cream sandwiches with their outdoor carts, drawing lots of fans who post their favorite Good Batch photos on social media (@williamsburgfoodie).

The Perfect Cookie Bag

The Good Batch stroopwafels“I found Nashville Wraps many years ago when I was just starting the business. I was looking for a cello bag that could fit my stroopwafels, which is what I started the business with. Believe it or not, I’m still using the same exact bag I first ordered in 2010, only now we go through a thousand a week! These cello bags are used for our signature cookie 2-packs and 6-packs.

“A couple years ago I worked with Nashville Wraps to customize the Natural Grease-Resistant Food Portion Bag to hold our ice cream sandwiches and cookies. It’s a perfect fit, and the branding has really helped advertise our products at the markets and in our neighborhood.

The Good Batch

Running a Food Business is Tough But Worth It!

Anna says, “Running a business for seven years has been nothing but a learning experience. My top lessons are knowing that this is not an easy challenge—it takes hard work, focus, and a pretty thick skin! It’s also crucial to “know your numbers” at all times —know your cost of goods, how much you need to charge in order to make a profit, and what your spending budget is in order to keep that profit.

“Running a successful food business must be a balance of producing a delicious, consistent product, AND keeping your books and finances in order. Also, it’s really important to give yourself time off when you can so you don’t burn out!”

Enjoy The Good Batch for yourself in this short video: 

Cello Bag Size Calculator

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