Wedding Dress Gift Wrap Designs

June 21, 2013

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Wedding Dress Gift Design

A beautiful way to wrap a bride’s gift is to dress it up as an elegant wedding gown for any gift bag or gift box. I have created a dress pattern with a vintage-inspired silhouette that I adorned with layers of White Tulle from Nashville Wraps to add romance to the design. The Wedding Swirls Gift Wrap resembles hand-sewn silver beadwork as you would find in a couture gown. This design is very versatile because the color of the tulle can be altered for the bridesmaids to match their dresses. You can also apply this concept to any feminine gift, using color gift wrap and tulle instead of white.

Materials Used for the Wedding Gown Gift Designs:

All of the Wedding Gown Designs shown use the same technique to create this look. The wedding dress pattern provided above can be used for all of the different-sized boxes and the gift bag shown. The length of the dress can be shortened to accommodate the smaller boxes, giving it more of a cocktail dress look.

How to Make a Wedding Dress Gift Design:

  1. Download and print out the wedding dress pattern provided above.
  2. Trace the pattern on the back of the Wedding Swirls Gift Wrap and cut out the dress shape.
  3. Apply glue to the wrong side of the wrapping paper, especially around the edges. Attach the paper to the gift bag or boxes, centering the dress on the front of the bag.Wedding-dress-skirt
  4. For a smaller box, adjust the size of the wedding dress pattern by shortening the length of the dress to fit the box as shown on the pillow box (at top).
  5. Cut two 16-inch pieces of White Tulle Ribbon and a 4-inch piece of thin wire.
  6. Fold a piece of tulle in half lengthwise and feed the piece of wire through the folded edge of the tulle as if you are sewing, gathering as you go. Continue this process with the second piece of tulle, adding it to the wire.
  7. Adjust the gathered tulle so it is the same size as the waist of the dress. Twist the ends of the wire together to secure. Trim excess wire.
  8. Attach the tulle to waist of the dress with craft glue.Wedding-bag-closeup
  9. Cut a piece of the glittery ribbon the size to fit the waist of the dress and attach with craft glue.
  10. Glue the flower accent to the dress as shown above.
  11. Trim the tulle slightly longer than the length of the bag or box and fluff to give the dress a full skirt. I like to make the top layer slightly shorter than the bottom to give it depth.
  12. For the gift bag, fill with layered black tissue paper and add some tulle to give it the look of a wedding veil. The bride or any recipient will just love this gorgeous wrapping!

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