Giving Green: A New Tradition

November 15, 2012

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All the buzz this Holiday Season seems to be about “green” gifts. I love the idea of giving gifts that don’t impact the environment and can be more personal than gifts we buy at the last minute without much thought given to what the recipient might really like or use. Honestly, those usually end up in the trash, re-gifted or put in a closet and never used.

There are several people in my family who “already have everything,” and if they don’t already have it, I couldn’t afford it anyway. Ha! If you have some of those on your list read on.

I think the cute little pail above filled with homemade goodies is a nice sentiment (make sure you put any unwrapped food in a cello bag with these containers). I might fill the pail with my own home-grown dried herbs or famous rib rub (the recipe is a secret). It’s very cute filled with cookies, with the recipe attached to the handle if it’s not a secret recipe. Last year I gave my secret recipe for pickled cold slaw to my brother, who is quite a good cook himself. He will not get that rib rub recipe though!

What about art supplies in a reusable container for the artsy folks or kids on your list? The cool thing about both these gifts is the packaging is reusable – it won’t be tossed in the trash.

There are many organizations you could donate money to in a friend’s name. First do a little snooping to find out their favorite charity. One year my friend gave her nieces and nephews a gift of an animal donated in their names to Heifer International. For as little as $20, you can give a needy family a flock of geese or chickens. You could put the card announcing your gift (these are provided by the organization) in a 100% recycled Kraft gable box and include a stuffed animal to represent the gift. Maybe you would like to tie on a pretty bow using Burlap Ribbon. If you are the crafty sort, you can easily decorate the box too.


If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know how we feel about products that are “Made in the USA”. If you make gift baskets, consider an “American Made” basket or tower and include a note stating that everything is USA made. We have USA-made Nested Boxes made with 100% recycled box board, which are also reusable.

Remember, our Nashville Wraps Green Way® logo signifies recycled, degradable, natural or sustainable packaging that meets an exacting set of requirements for both materials and manufacturing. Our Green Way® packaging is a great retail packaging solution for today’s eco-conscious market. Another great way to promote giving green is to shop local. Are you ready for Small Business Saturday? I hope you start thinking about how you can “Give Green” this year. Who knows? You may start a new family tradition.


Kathy works with the Nashville Wraps’ Marketing Team as a packaging consultant and photo stylist. She is also a Master Gardener and enjoys her greenhouse and garden, three spoiled dogs, hubby and grandkids in her spare time. She also loves any kind of craft and spends rainy days in the art studio she shares with her creative husband, Bill.

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