Made in America gains momentum

March 16, 2012

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We’ve heard it on the news and seen it in our shops; and even at Wal-Mart, there is more talk and more products with that distinctive red, white and blue label. Not only is there a revival beginning of American-made products, it is refueling our economy. We told you so!

US Consumers Seek Made in the USA

The uptick in the domestic job market is in large part due to the influence of businesses and consumers demanding more products made in the USA. We are fixing our own economic problems with our resiliency and determination. Government programs only go so far – thank goodness American business people “get it” and know what to do on their own!

American flags and banners claiming “Made in the USA” were all over the major gift markets this January. Even Wal-Mart has a renewed emphasis on US-made products, and in many cases is switching from Chinese vendors and products in favor of domestic goods.

Consumers are reading the labels better, and when it doesn’t say “Made in the USA”, it is being purchased less often. Suppliers hear that message loud and clear, and it facilitates corporate change quicker than you can say the Pledge of Allegiance! But producing goods domestically has its rewards far beyond the label. Goods are supplied more quickly and tend to be made with higher quality. American goods are now priced more competitively compared to imports due to big changes in the Chinese work force. It costs American businesses less in time, shrinkage and customer complaints when they work with local suppliers.

Nashville Wraps Pushes for Domestic Alternatives

Nashville Wraps, along with its large customer base, is also pushing for more domestic alternatives in packaging which have previously been unavailable in the US market. We’ve always said that our products come from working smarter, not necessarily harder, and that is certainly the case with packaging.

Our buyers are making field trips all across the country, looking for niche manufacturing to produce more goods here in the States. We often can see a way to repurpose a piece of equipment intended for something completely different to make retail packaging instead. But when we can’t find the equipment in the states, we are parterning with our suppliers to bring the equipment here. It’s all about creating more jobs and a domestic supply chain where one didn’t exist before. So as 2012 continues to unfold, expect to see even more made-in-the-USA alternatives from Nashville Wraps.

The Bottom Line is Simple

More American products mean more American jobs, and more American jobs mean more people spending money in your business. It works well for everyone!

R. Meadows, President
Nashville Wraps

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Paul Unrue April 18, 2012 at 3:25 pm


Thank you for all your support for us and our 65 families that come into our plant here in Central Ohio everyday. Nashville Wraps is a proud partner to us.

Go USA!!

Vicki Cotnoir March 16, 2012 at 7:23 pm

Thank you! The concept of buy American made is so simple, I am amazed that it has to be explained. Thank you for explaining it, and supporting American jobs.

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