Candy Corn Love – How to Make Candy Corn Cones and Poms!

October 7, 2011

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Recently I saw candy corn cones made from yarn on the visual bookmarking site Pinterest. Immediately, I thought these could be made using our raffia ribbon. They turned out as cute as can be.

They are perfect for counter displays, centerpieces, mantles or store window displays. They look great with candy-corn tissue poms (shown at the bottom). If you’d like to try them yourself, follow along with these step-by-step instructions.

Supplies Needed:

  •  3 White Styrofoam Cones (6″, 9″ & 12″ tall): I found mine at JoAnn’s. Don’t use the green wet foam cones if you can avoid it – too messy.
  • Raffia Ribbon (Matte): White, Orange & Daffodil
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Candy Corn Cone Supplies
Don't Use Green Foam Cones

Step #1 – Plug in your glue gun and let it heat up. 

Candy Corn Cones Step #2

Step #2 – Cut 4 to 6 strips of white raffia 3-4” long each for the top. Put some hot glue on the top of the cone and place the strips evenly across. Press down and apply more glue if needed.

Candy Corn Cones Step #3

Step #3 – To begin the first row, place some hot glue along the top edge of the cone. Press the end of the roll of white raffia into the glue, adding more hot glue as needed until the raffia is securely attached. Begin wrapping the white raffia ribbon around the top edge of the cone over the cut strips, gradually moving downward. This white raffia section should be approximately 2″ for a small cone, 2-1/2″ for medium and 3″ for large, depending on the size of the cone. Once you have your final white row, cut the raffia with scissors and secure the end with hot glue.

Candy Corn Cones Step #4

Step #4 – Take the orange raffia and repeat Step #3 until your orange section is the desired length – approximately 2-1/2″ for a small cone, 4-1/2″ for medium and 6″ for large.

Candy Corn Cones Step #5

Step #5 – Take the daffodil yellow raffia and repeat Step #3 until it covers the remaining length – approximately 1-1/2″ for small, 2″ for medium and 3″ for large. If your bottom row is a bit crooked, just wrap a bit more until you can make it even.

Candy Corn Cones Step #6

Step #6 – Once you have cut and glued down your yellow raffia, run a small bead of hot glue all along the bottom edge to seal it.

Candy Corn Blog Cones #7

Step # 7 – Add a bit of glue to any loose pieces including the top edge and adjust the raffia ribbon over any Styrofoam showing through. Lay the cone on its side until the glue is dry. Repeat steps 1-7 to make them in other sizes.

These look darling on a plate served up with real candy corn or packaged candies for your customers. You might place small gifts-to-go around them like soaps, truffles, costume jewelry, etc.

We also love tissue poms and made these candy corn poms using our DandelionTangerine and White tissue paper. Wouldn’t these look cute in your store window this fall? You can make these big pomanders yourself following our instructions here, or you might make smaller tissue paper flowers

Finally, if you want a cute idea to package your candy corn, try our cone shaped cello bags with or without the green top along with some raffia or curling ribbon.

Cone Shaped Cello Bags

For more great ideas, view our Pinterest boards. Send us your ideas to

Happy Fall!

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