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April 27, 2009

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Sifting through my wine country photographs this weekend looking for examples of how to trellis grapes for my nephew the budding vineyard owner, brought back memories of the wine packaging talks I did for several years during the San Francisco International Gift Show. With the introduction of our new Wine Packaging product page, I thought, what a great time to share some tips on creating elegant Wine presentations that won’t cost a fortune; or, as my Mom used to say, “Champagne taste on a beer budget!”

A work colleague just told me that one of the top searches on Google regarding wine is “wine baskets.” Doesn’t that tell you something? If you are not already selling wine-related baskets and grab & go gifts, you should be. When you add a bottle of wine to a gift basket, wrap it. It will enhance the value of the wine if you present it in beautiful, unusual or reusable packaging. When you wrap a bottle for a customer, don’t forget to include your business card or label as a part of the wrap.

A wine bottle packaged in a cellophane bag with printed tissue paper and ribbon is inexpensive and attractive. Make an environmentally responsible statement in black and white with a Nature Flex biodegradable cello bag, 100% recycled Domino Alley Dot Tissue and 100% Recyclable Crinkle Paper Ribbon. Create a similar look with tissue and one of our reusable sheer organza wine bags. Tissue gives your package a snappy look and it cushions the bottle.

Enviro-friendly needn’t be plain. Give Kraft Wine Bags the safari look with Zebra or Leopard tissue, then add a splash of color with recyclable Paper Raffia. It’s really earthy and handsome in a kraft bag – a good choice for that masculine gift.

Glimmer Mesh Netting (see below) is one of my favorite ways to make a spectacular bottle wrap. A wine bottle looks fabulous with glimmer mesh and a beautiful wired ribbon – easily the focal point of any basket or the most talked-about hostess gift at the next party. Mesh has a memory so let it work for you. Notice that when you cut off a section of mesh it curls back up. Look at the photo steps below to see how to hold the mesh and pull it up around your bottle to create the dramatic top effect. Hold it all in place with ribbon. You will know you started with the wrong side if the top does not curl.

Step 1

Cut twice the height of your bottle plus 18 inches of Glimmer Mesh. form two “rolls” of mesh, lay the mesh on a work surface as shown.

Step 2

Place your bottle on the mesh with the “rolls” under the mesh.

Step 3

Using both hands, pull the mesh up around your bottle and hold it in place with a section of ribbon.

Step 4

Tie on a big fluffy bow, adjust your mesh if needed and you’re done! Ta da! See, I told you it was easy. Watch a quick how-to video for more Mesh Netting uses.

These are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Add your comments and tell us your creative wine wraps!

Kathy Green
Packaging Consultant
Nashville Wraps


Kathy works with the Nashville Wraps’ Marketing Team as a packaging consultant and photo stylist. She is also a Master Gardener and enjoys her greenhouse and garden, three spoiled dogs, hubby and grandkids in her spare time. She also loves any kind of craft and spends rainy days in the art studio she shares with her creative husband, Bill.

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Kathy May 14, 2009 at 3:30 pm

Oh, I like that idea! I have some of those in my photo props…now where can I use them hummmm.

Lona May 7, 2009 at 11:31 pm

Something we frequently do when
wrapping a bottle of champagne.
either singularly or in a basket,
is adding Opal Christmas balls
in 3 small but grsduated sizes
to look like “bubbles”. They can
be attached with a glue gun
or wired into a “popping” effect.
I have used this to create a look
of soap bubbles for bath baskets
and gifts as well.

Thank you for including this
type of info on your site.

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