Retail Marketing and the Luxury Buyer – Lessons Learned

May 28, 2008

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Pam Danziger - Unity MarketingThe affluent or luxury buyer is becoming much more conservative in their buying habits according to Pam Danziger, President of Unity Marketing. The interesting thing is that this is NOT because of a decline in affluent customers or any real economic reason… it is a matter of choice on their part to withhold spending on what is considered unnecessary or excessive purchases.

People just want to leave the world a better place and not contribute to excessive pollution, waste or even expense. In short they want a simpler life style.

However…These customers will spend when the product is “Right”.

Robin Albing of AIM research says Green is more than just a trend but is becoming a “lifestyle”.  These same lifestyle concerns that effect luxury buyers are holding true for customers from all walks of life. Read her interesting and observant blog article on “A recent trip to the mall”. Learn why in a nearly empty mall, one store is always packed.

Like the company observed by Robin, Nashville Wraps will continue to be smart and on trend in the selection of gift and retail packaging products. We want our customers in every market to feel good about their packaging: environmentally, socially, and economically.

A Few Key Points Are:

1. Baby Boomers want to leave the world a better place and young adults want to grow old in a good environment, plus children are being brought up in an eco-conscious system. The right packaging is an important part of branding and can help you identify with customer concerns.  Sustainable packaging like Green Way TM products can be an easy addition to your brand identity.

2. People are changing how they live in a way that would be hard to revert back and they genuinely believe that they need to make a difference. Therefore sustainable and reusable packaging is becoming more and more important. Products like Reusable Shopping Bags for instance are becoming the new standard.

3. Customers are buying if the products are smart, functional, and provide a lasting value; especially if they can identify with and feel good about the brand.

Green Way TM Resource Update

Reusable shopping bags have just been added to the Green Way TM line of eco-friendly packaging.  Bags carry the GreenWay TM logo to help promote your green imitative awareness.

Encore™ Recycled Plastic Bags

  • Made in the USA in an environmentally certified facility
  • Contains no heavy metals above 100ppm (US regulations)
  • Made from 25% recycled Encore TM plastics collected in the US
  • 100% recyclable. Collections at most major grocery and chain stores.
  • Printed with non-toxic water based inks

Recycled Paper Bag Printing Special

Buy any quantity of 100% Recycled Paper Shopping Bags for the same price as regular paper bags when custom ink or hot-stamp printed. Contact printed@nashvillewraps for more info.  Limited Time offer.

Nashville Wraps

Nashville Wraps is the leader in eco-friendly gift & gourmet packaging. Our focus since 1976 has been beautiful packaging, competitive prices, fast shipping and taking care of our customers. We listen. We care about your success. Most of all, we want to make your business look good.

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Chris Canavan August 17, 2008 at 2:51 am

I am getting some good ideas from your blog. A nice addition to your site. Looking forward to placing an order with you folks soon. Thanks for the help.

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