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May 22, 2008

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Business Tips Series: How to Keep Products Visible in the Gift Basket Presentation.

by Kathy Green, Nashville Wraps - Gift Packaging Consultant

Video demonstrations are included with this article to show you the hands-on!

After selecting a container for the gifts, (see our blog article Gift Basket Containers from April 24, 2008) the next challenge is to keep the items high in the presentation. High and visible equals impact, so each individual item needs to be clearly visible above the edge of the container. There are several products available from Nashville Wraps that meet this challenge beautifully.

First there’s Kraft Paper Rolls, available in 24, 30 and 36 inch widths. The 24 inch fits on our single deck paper dispenser. The dispenser is like an extra pair of hands – it makes the job so much easier. Simply tear off and scrunch up sheets of Kraft, push into the bottom of the box or basket until it’s almost full. Pack it down firmly in order to support the weight of the basket contents. Watch the video demonstration.

Rainbow Packing paper is another favorite product for stuffing baskets. Recycled from the fabric industry, economical Rainbow Packing Paper is delivered in convenient pre-cut sheets. Used just like kraft, the patterns and colors in each box of printed sheets are always a pleasant surprise.

Next, we recommend Wood excelsior. It comes in colors and is 100% biodegradable. It offers a natural look and is perfect for fruit baskets. You can make little nests for each piece of fruit, and the excelsior will prevent shifting. Get some great ideas for excelsior-watch the video.

When using basket boxes use a Basket Bench. Designed for this purpose, Basket Benches are super easy to use and they will support any item in a basket box. Check-out these benches in action and pick-up some other tips in the video demonstration.

Gift basket fillers video

No matter how many items you pack in your basket, there may be empty spaces that need a little something something to achieve that full abundant look. The next video segment, shows Crinkle cut, fine cut and colorful tissue shreds used to fill the void while adding texture and color to the gift basket. After watching, you’ll understand the differences in these products, you’ll know how to use them and you’ll pick-up a few other little enhancement tricks as well.

Gift basket fillers video

Kathy Green
Packaging Consultant
Nashville Wraps


Kathy works with the Nashville Wraps’ Marketing Team as a packaging consultant and photo stylist. She is also a Master Gardener and enjoys her greenhouse and garden, three spoiled dogs, hubby and grandkids in her spare time. She also loves any kind of craft and spends rainy days in the art studio she shares with her creative husband, Bill.

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Debbie Alvo May 30, 2008 at 2:06 pm

I found this very informative. I learned that you need heavier packing to hold your product. Thank you.

Kimberly September 26, 2008 at 11:47 pm

Wow! What great information! Thanks for the ideas.

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