AmazonMany of you have told us you are fearful of an Amazon take-over of your small business. There is even a new verb for it: “being Amazoned.” So how do independent retailers compete against an online giant with 200 million items for sale?

By eliminating the middlemen, Amazon keeps prices low. If you want to stay in business, competing on price alone cannot be your strategy. Here are 7 strategies independent retailers can use to not just stay in business but thrive!
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Batch NashvilleIf you’re shopping for locally-made goods in Nashville, Batch is your one-stop shop! What originally started as a subscription box service has grown into a retail location in Nashville with hopes to expand all across the South.

Batch began in 2013 when friends Sam Davidson, Stephen Moseley and Rob Williams had a passion for all things local and artisan. Their high-quality, handcrafted items are perfectly curated and made into gorgeous gift baskets and available in their Nashville retail store and online. So no matter where you live, you can ship their delightful Southern products and gifts anywhere in the US. In 2015, their store was named “Best New Retail Store” by the readers of the Nashville Scene.

Batch’s Chief Brand Officer (CBO) Rob Williams explains, “In the same way that we weren’t looking to sell custom boxes to corporate customers, we weren’t looking for retail space when we heard about an opening at the Nashville Farmers’ Market. The market was a great fit for our products and brand so we jumped at the chance and opened in November of 2014. Having a brick-and-mortar store has increased brand awareness and attracted new makers who come by to pitch their products.”

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Greg Phairas

Nashville Wraps is happy to announce Greg Phairas has been added to our team as Director of Sales. Greg has 30 years of sales, customer service and product development experience in both the retail and gift industries. His enthusiasm and expertise will help Nashville Wraps continue to expand nationally and internationally.

For the past 40 years, Nashville Wraps has been the leader in eco-friendly gift and gourmet packaging. We know that Greg will continue our legacy of providing outstanding customer service and superior retail packaging to our thousands of customers. [read more…]


Nashville Wraps Warehouse StanleyA Reuters/Ipsos poll this week found that 70 percent of Americans think it is important to buy American-made products. However, 37 percent in that same poll said they would not want to pay more for American-made goods.

Nashville Wraps says, “No problem!”

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Sullivan Gift Wrap PaperWhen you have a beautiful retail store, you want your retail packaging to reflect all things lovely. Nashville Wraps is so proud to announce we are now offering Sullivan Gift Wrap. For over 75 years, it has been some of the finest gift wrap made in America for retail shops.

Sullivan wrapping paper is made with the utmost care. Great attention to detail is given to every roll featuring the highest quality finishes and materials. Made from heavyweight paper, many of the wraps are beautifully embossed with vibrant colors and gorgeous original designs. You have to touch and feel the papers to truly appreciate the quality.

Luxury Papers from Elegant to Trendy

Sullivan Christmas Gift WrapEvery year, many new designs are added to each collection to stay on top of the latest trends and styles. Most of the papers are made from 60# basis weight paper or higher. So you won’t have to worry about your gift wrap being too thin!

Some of the many premium gift wrap collections offered by Sullivan include Christmas, All Occasion, Special Occasion, Wedding, Baby, Floral, Animal Prints, Embossed Solid Color, Gloss & Matte Solid Colors and Foils. See our online Sullivan Gift Wrap Catalog here.

You will find a large variety of sizes in half and full ream rolls including 18″, 24″, 26″ and 30″ widths. All of these wraps are shipped directly from the factory.

The Most Eco-Friendly Gift Papers Anywhere!

Sullivan Gift Wrap Birthday These luxurious gift wraps are also the most environmentally-friendly available! They are made from recycled paper which makes them more desirable than virgin paper because they are more dense and flexible.

Sullivan papers are made in a 100% solar-powered facility that reuses most of the water from the production process. Every gift wrap roll is made with water-based inks to create a full spectrum of rich colors. This means there are no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPS) like conventional petroleum-based inks.

Many papers carry the Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC), and the careful procurement process ensures all product suppliers follow proper social, environmental, human rights and workplace codes of conduct. In addition, you will be supporting American manufacturing with these made-in-the-USA gift wraps. Nashville Waps also carries Green Way® brand eco-friendly gift wraps.

Make Your Brand Complete 

We know you take special care to select the best merchandise and products for your business. You make sure your logo, website and merchandising are consistent with your brand. Remember to also make sure your gift wraps are a reflection of your brand as well.

Your customers will reward you with repeat business because they will be proud to deliver the exquisite packages coming from your store!

For a $10 fee, you can request a sample of 6 different gift wraps by calling our Customer Care Department at 1-800-547-9727, Monday through Friday, 8:30-5. Shop Exquisite Sullivan Gift Wrap here.


We are thrilled to announce that we are now offering smaller packs of our Candy and Bakery Boxes. Several of these boxes are now available in small packs of 5 to 10 boxes each. Perfect for when you want to try a new size or color, or don’t have the need (or storage space) for more.

Sometimes you just don’t need lots of boxes. Our small quantity packs are an affordable new solution to this issue. It’s also an easy way to add a new size or color to your line without having to purchase an entire case. [read more…]


Made in USA Packaging Nashville Wraps

As we get ready to celebrate our country’s Independence Day, we honor our past and look forward to a bright future. Nashville Wraps believes in supporting American manufacturing. That is why the majority of our packaging is made in the USA!

We believe investing in the United States because behind every American-made product is an American family being supported. The quality of our USA products are exceptional and a large percentage are eco-friendly and part of our Green Way brand of packaging. [read more…]


2017 Nashville Wraps Holiday Preview Catalog

Nashville Wraps’ new Christmas designs have just been released including 6 new exclusive collections. They are part of our Green Way® brand of gift and gourmet packaging. Trade show buyers can see them in person this summer! Click here for our summer trade show schedule for Dallas, Atlanta and New York.

You can view our 2017 Holiday Preview Catalog. The gorgeous cover features our new Golden Wishes Collection. Nashville Wraps continues to bring you original designs for your business. You will not find better quality products at wholesale prices anywhere. Most of our products are proudly made in the USA and with our super fast shipping, you will receive them promptly. We do recommend shopping early for holiday packaging to ensure the best selection. [read more…]


Going to market is essential if you are a small business owner with a gift or gourmet shop. Nashville Wraps will be attending the gift shows in Dallas, Atlanta and New York this summer. See our show schedule here and come meet our friendly folks like Patti (pictured)!

Some highlights this year:

  • 4 New Holiday Themes are featured including Buffalo Plaid and Golden Wishes shown on our 2017 Holiday Preview cover below.
  • The Atlanta Gift Show will continue to have two booths for both gift and gourmet businesses – one in the gift temporaries and one in the gourmet section.
  • At the Dallas Gift Market, Nashville Wraps will be participating in the VIP Hospital Gift Shop Event on Thursday 6/22. Pre-registration is required.
  • Look for our NEW booth location at the NY Now Gift Show Booth #5243.
  • In-booth specials for trade show guests!

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Dressed-Up Duets Shopping Bags for Father's Day

Our popular Duets line of shopping bags has two handsome new additions: Kraft & Black and White & Gold. With a little ribbon, some double-sided tape and a twist tie, these bags can easily be dressed up for Father’s Day or for a masculine gift any time of the year. I’ll show you how simple it is to style them in the video below! [read more…]