Nashville Wraps custom-print packaging options for retail businesses, special events, gifts, and moreUsing gorgeous, high-quality gift bags, gift wrap, tissue paper, gift boxes, ribbon, and other packaging says very positive things about your company. But, you can say so much more with custom printed retail packaging! Build your brand and image by ensuring that every item that leaves your store has a tasteful reminder of where it came from. Custom printed retail packaging provides many benefits, including:

  • Marketing that can stay in circulation indefinitely
  • Brand building that creates powerful visual recognition for when a potential customer begins searching for a company like yours
  • A “down-the-road” reminder to existing customers when they pull out the bag or other packaging they had tucked away for later use
  • An introduction to people you may not be reaching with your other advertising and marketing efforts

Ultimately, printed packaging is an effective and affordable way to keep your company top of mind with existing clients and prospective new customers. [read more…]


Wine bags make wonderful wine packaging! From Nashville WrapsNational Wine Day is approaching (May 25) and Nashville Wraps is ready to supply all your wine packaging needs! We’ve rounded up four wonderful, and better yet, EASY ways to wrap wine bottles. Read on for details! [read more…]


Operation Shower - Watercolor GardenOur friends at Operation Shower are experts at party planning. They host baby showers all over the country to honor our military families since 2007.  This spring they featured our beautiful Watercolor Greenery Collection.

The theme “My Vintage Garden” worked perfectly with our exclusive Nashville Wraps line of gift packaging products. The Operation Shower event planners created centerpieces using wrapped gifts with Watercolor Greenery wrapping paper. This hand-painted design is lovely for a botanical look in muted shades of green. Tie with elegant satin ribbon or natural burlap.  Add gift tags with twine for gift recipients for a gorgeous presentation. [read more…]


Biodegradable Cello Bags

Not all cello is created equal. Nashville Wraps is thrilled to offer the best of the best: clear, strong cello bags that are biodegradable, too. [read more…]


Earth Tissue Pom PomsAnyone who has been following the news lately could tell you that we humans could do a better job of taking care of our planet. Perhaps you’ve seen reports about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – a floating raft of debris in the Pacific Ocean twice the size of Texas.

Or maybe you’ve read that plastic fibers have been found in the tummies of creatures in the deepest parts of the ocean.

The need for recyclable, degradable, and sustainable materials has never been more urgent. [read more…]


Mother's Day Packaging

We all just love it when Mother’s Day rolls around. It’s the perfect opportunity to spoil Mom with lots of pink (because she’s beautiful inside and out), and gold (because she means the world to her loved ones)! This color combo is right on trend and can work for any time of the year. [read more…]

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Denver Aquarium Ollie

Some of Nashville Wraps’ very favorite customers are not humans, but otters! Not your average mammal, these playful critters live at the Downtown Aquarium Denver.

The otters absolutely love our Wood Excelsior Shred for their dens. LynnLee Schmidt, Curator for Birds and Mammals says, “In addition to the otters, our birds, tigers, rats, armadillos, snakes, binturong, and porcupine all like a nice soft Excelsior burrow from time to time! [read more…]


Classic Print Favor Bags

Classic Print Favor Bags are absolutely perfect for small gift giving. The ivory fabric bags with grey printed designs have coordinating natural cotton drawstring cord closures and are reusable.

Available in two different sizes (3 x 4″ and 4 x 6″) and four different designs, these sweet bags are a wonderful, distinctive way to present small items. [read more…]


Farmhouse Chic RibbonThe rustic “farmhouse chic” trend in decor is showing no signs of losing steam, and Nashville Wraps has added four great new ribbons to our lineup to capture this texture-centric vibe! (We’ve displayed them above on our simple Brown Kraft and White Kraft Jewelry Boxes.) [read more…]


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One of the hottest trends going right now is Mermaids including everything from makeup to fitness classes featuring the trend. And we completely understand the fascination, especially coming off of the chilly winter months. The colors, the beauty, the mystery, we love everything about the sunny feel of Mermaids! [read more…]